All you wanna know about iSunOne...

  • What is KYC?

Know your customer (KYC) allows iSunOne to serve you better. It includes uploading your ID, selfie, and address proof.

  • What kind of selfie shall I submit for KYC?

This article aims to help you understand how to obtain a satisfactory selfie photo during ID verification(KYC).

  • What is CVV?

For Visa cards, cvv is the 3-digit code on the back of your card.

  • What is Bank code and how to find mine?

There are three types of bank codes geographically.  US banks require Routing Number, EU banks require IBAN, and all other banks (non-US, non-EU) require SWIFT Code. This article aims to help you better understand and find the correct bank code.

faq-covers_bank code.png
  • Withdraw to Bank Timeline

Our system will smart wire the payout to your bank automatically. 

faq-covers_bank code.png
  • What is memo?

When sending bank wire remittance, you need to fill in the Memo precisely in the field of Memo or: Memo to beneficiary, info, additional info, etc. Failure to fill in the memo will result in the remittance being returned.

  • Supported Countries and Fiat Currencies for Wire Transfers

​Here are the lists of all countries and all types pf fiat currencies we support.


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