iDentity Verification(KYC)

You need to pass our ID verification(KYC) in order to purchase with credit card or deposit to your bank account. iSunOne has the easiest KYC process. 


First of all, press "Settings" on "Home" in iSunOne App, then select "iDentity Verification(KYC)".

step 1.png


Input your email address, then press "Submit".

Open your own email inbox, Find your verification code we just sent to you, and then go back to iSunOne app, submit your email verification code.

After your submission, iSunOne app will show that you have successfully connected your email address.

step 2.png


Then you need to prepare your identity certificates, and take or scan clear images of them. We accept identity card with both sides, or passport with cover and information page. You need to upload these images.



You need to upload a selfie with your clear front face and your identity certificates held by hand.



Finally, please upload your address photo. Requirements of your address photo are as follow:

It can be your bank statementscredit card statements, water bills, or gas bills.

Your proof of address must be addressed to your own name and issued within 3 month.

After submission, please wait for our email notification patiently.

You can check your identity verification result in 1-2 work days after submission.

You can check the process of verification in the "settings" page.

If you didn't pass the verification, your verification status would turn into "Please submit again"

You can press and go to the KYC verification page to check for details.

After following the guidance and re-upload corrected photos, please press "Next" and wait for the verification results.

​If your problem remains, please contact: