What kind of photo shall i submit for ID Verification(KYC)?

This article aims to help you understand our requirements of uploading a satisfactory selfie photo during ID verification(KYC).

You need to hold your identity certifications, such as your identity card or information page of your passport, and take a selfie along with your front face.


Please pay attention to the followings:
Your Photo should be clear, without any blurs, reflect lights, or anything out of flatness.
Only front face selfie will be approved.
Contents of your identity certifications should not be covered.
Your hair should not cover your face.
Your face should be as clear as possible.


Here's a sample for you:


*The image comes from internet.

Incorrect Samples: (left to right)

You will not pass the KYC if you have your face covered, or your identity certification is not clear.


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