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Financial Headlines: AI meets digital currency

This article was first published on: 頭條金融報星島頭條


The convergence of AI and blockchain technologies is transforming the global business landscape amidst a wave of digital revolution. Fintech leader iSunOne is bringing the power of AI and blockchain to the forefront of the digital currency industry. Digital dollars are redefining cross-border transactions with their programmability, real-time settlement and low-cost operations. As the leading digital dollars, USDT and USDC are transforming traditional finance by providing a fast, transparent and globally available trading platform.

Meanwhile, OpenAI's ChatGPT represents an AI breakthrough, a language model that understands, creates and translates text, providing an essential tool for bridging communication gaps in global business.

How does iSunOne combine these two distinct but complementary technologies? It utilizes the power of the digital dollar, USDT and USDC, to provide a smooth and efficient solution for international transactions.

Digital dollars are like flowing water, real-time transactions, payments, clearing and settlement on the tamper-proof blockchain, greatly reducing the transaction and trust costs of international trade and cross-border transactions.

Meanwhile, through iSunOne global Visa prepaid card, this technology extends the application scenario of digital dollar to the high-frequency payment and commercial business related to daily food, clothing, housing and transportation, such as helping global users to easily use and subscribe to ChatGPT. Meanwhile, iSunOne utilizes the AI capability of ChatGPT to provide 24/7 intelligent customer service solutions and automate daily tasks to improve human resources. and automate daily tasks to improve human resources.

In summary, iSunOne combines the transformative power of blockchain technology with the dynamic potential of AI, and realizes the seamless integration of USDT and ChatGPT through the global Visa prepaid card, making digital finance more convenient and user-friendly, and promoting the development of the digital economy and financial inclusion.



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