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iSunOne Global Visa Card, PayPal payment new experience: convenient global payment!

PayPal is a third-party payment service provider that supports 24 currencies in 190 markets around the world. Nowadays, more and more Chinese people want to sign up for the US version of Paypal for the following reasons:

  1. US Paypal is a great choice for international trade, whether it's for making payments or receiving money online;

  2. There are no fees for withdrawing your balance to a U.S. bank, whereas other regions charge high fees for withdrawing your balance to a U.S. bank/local bank.

  3. PayPal registered with an address outside the U.S. cannot be used to place orders on some websites, and when some U.S. brands run online promotions, only U.S. PayPal is eligible for discounts or to try out products;

  4. U.S. PayPal enjoys more benefits when used for subscription payment plans, such as Netflix, Apple Store/Google Play Appstore, Apple music 3-month free membership, Shopify 3-month free trial, etc.

If you only need to enjoy US paypal offers, or to purchase orders from e-commerce companies, you only need to register as an individual account. The registration process is as follows:

Paypal official registration address: Here

Click Sign Up to begin the registration process. If you are based outside of the United States, use a VPN and keep your IP address stable during the registration process.

Select Personal Account and enter your email address. Please register with an email address that is commonly used in the United States such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Enter your cell phone number and SMS verification code.

You are recommended to use a U.S. physical calling card, where the bonded cell phone number must be able to send and receive SMS.

Fill in your profile.

Fill in your billing address and agree to the Terms and Conditions, the address entered here must be a US address.

If you have opened an iSunOne Global Visa Card, you can find the billing address here.

Congratulations, you have successfully signed up for Paypal! Now you can add a new bank account or bind a bank card to use Paypal.

You can now add iSunOne Global Visa card information to your Paypal account.

iSunOne Global Visa Card is a prepaid Visa card issued by the United States of America, which can be charged unlimitedly with digital US dollars USDT, USDC, and up to 25,000 US dollars per charge. Registering for iSunOne and using USDT and USDC not only allows you to manage your funds more flexibly, but the iSunOne Global Visa Card also provides you with unlimited spending possibilities, bringing your spending experience to a higher level.


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