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What is iSunOne VIP Service

iSunOne VIP service is a bespoke, sophisticated, and personal service tailored to cater to our distinguished clients which include:

  1. Institutions and businesses that are either in an existing partnership with iSunOne or have potential for such a partnership;

  2. High net worth individuals who demonstrate a high risk tolerance and harbour an interest in understanding the concepts of Web 3.0, including AI and blockchain.

Our VIP clients receive the attention of a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) who is committed to fulfilling their specific needs and preferences. Our dedicated CSR is committed to meet and exceed the expectations of our VIP clients, and their services encompass but are not limited to:

  1. Assisting clients in large-scale transactions involving the conversion of fiat currency into cryptocurrency, and vice versa;

  2. Providing education and insights on the rudiments of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, enabling our VIP clients to make informed investment decisions;

  3. Facilitating the use of digital dollars by the clients for innovative e-commerce ventures and international trade finance;

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