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Required Documents for KYC purpose

Personal Account

✓ Account holder’s photo identity document, including: passport, or ID;

✓ Account holder’s selfie along with above identity document as required here;

✓ Proof of address: Utility bill, or monthly statement (within the last 3 months).

Personal Account approval timeline: 1~2 working days 

Business Account

✓ Proof of existence, including: Certificate of Incorporation (CI), Business Registration (BR), Employer Identification Number (EIN);

✓ Passport or ID of the company's major shareholders (all shareholders greater than 25%), directors, and authorized representatives, along with the selfie with ID,  as required here;​

✓ Proof of company address: Utility bill, or monthly statement  (within the last 3 months); 

✓ Please choose the type of business operations: 

  • A, Manufacturing; B, Consulting; C, Technology; D, Trade & e-Commerce;

✓ Estimated monthly digital dollars (USDC, USDT) transaction volume in USD: 

  • A, < 10,000; B, 10,000~100,000; C, 100,000~1 million; D, >1 million 

Please email above documents to


Business Account approval timeline: 2~5 working days 

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