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iSunOne Global Visa Card Physical Card will be launched soon

Global Visa physical card will be launched soon!

Supports binding to NFC mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., perfectly covering your offline consumption scenarios based on the original rich scenarios!

Please refer to the following instructions:

0. Before binding the card, please switch your phone language to English.

Long press the language and drag it to the top to switch.

1. Get your card information: card number, cvv, expiration date

2. Open Apple Wallet or Google Wallet and click Add Card

3. Enter your real name (in Chinese pinyin letters) and 16-digit card number used to open the iSunOne digital card

4. Continue to enter the expiration date (expiration year and month) and cvv (security code)

5. Congratulations! You have successfully bound your iSunOne digital card.

Now set iSunOne digital card as payment preference (press and hold the card and slide it to the top of all cards) to pay through Apple Wallet.

For instructions on how to use Apple wallet to pay, please visit Apple's official website .


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