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Buy Everything with iSunOne Global Visa Card:

The iSunOne Global Visa Card is a prepaid card that allows unlimited charging with digital dollars USDT and USDC, with each charge reaching up to $25,000. It has been verified that there are no restrictions when using this card for online shopping platform like

Register with iSunOne and utilize USDT and USDC for flexible fund management. The iSunOne Global Visa Card also serves you with boundless spending possibilities, enhancing your shopping experiences.

It is very easy to spend on general e-commerce shopping platforms, you just need to add iSunOne Global Visa Card to your payment method. Take Amazon for example:

1. Find the payment method under your account information;

2. Select Add Card;

3. Simply enter the iSunOne Global Visa card number, CVV and expiration date.

It is important to note that before making a payment, please ensure that you have sufficient balance on your card.



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