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Required Documents for OTCI Purpose

For OTCI service, iSunOne would only onboard qualified institution accounts  from September 2023.  A qualified institution is defined as:

  • A licensed foundation, private or mutual fund, family office, trust with asset under management (AUM) no less than 50 million USD;

  • A licensed financial institution, such as FinTech, payment processor, MTL holder, EMI holder etc. with monthly turnover volume no less than 10 million USD;

  • An international wholesale trade and/or e-commerce retail business (must have a website), with monthly digital dollar purchase or sale volume no less than 5 million USD.

KYC Document for Institutional Account

✓ Basic Business Document 

  • Proof of existence, such as: Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of  Filing, Article of Association;

  • Proof of registration, such as: Business Registration;

  • Proof of Tax: Employer Identification Number (if US company) or Tax ID (if non-US company); 

✓ Proof of business bank account: bank statement and/or bank verification letter within the last 3 months, must have USD account and can send and receive USD wire transfer; 

✓ Shareholder Structure chart showing all shareholders greater than 10%; 

✓ Information required from major shareholders (specified in above shareholder structure chart), and directors:

  • Passport; 

  • Phone number and email address;

  • SSN (if US person) or Tax ID (if non-US person);

  • Residential address proof, such as residential ID; 

✓ Business information:  

  • Business website;

  • Control person’s name card, resume, and business email address;

  • Type of business operations;

  • Purpose of opening digital dollar account;

  • Estimated monthly digital dollar transaction volume. 

Prior to successfully opening a business account, it is highly recommended that the control person meet the iSunOne onboarding team either in person (meet in office or mutually agreed upon location) or with Zoom call. 


Please email above documents to

Institution account approval timeline:  1~4 weeks 

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