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Alipay & iSunOne Global Visa Card: The Perfect Fusion

The iSunOne Global Visa Card is an infinitely rechargeable prepaid card that allows single recharges of up to $25,000. You can use digital dollars, such as USDT and USDC, to charge your iSunOne card, enabling seamless, unrestricted consumption and payments regardless of geographical boundaries.

The iSunOne Global Visa Card can be seamlessly linked to your Alipay account, facilitating online and offline transactions across various scenarios, encompassing all aspects of your daily life.

iSunOne team has outlined the process to link your global iSunOne Visa Card with Alipay:

1. In the Alipay app, access your personal profile;


2. Choose to add a bank card;


3. Click the top-right icon and enter your iSunOne card number;


4. Once you input the card number, the system will automatically detect it as a Visa card;


5. Provide the name on your identification document, and enter the valid date and CVV security code provided by your iSunOne account.

Email and billing address are optional.


Once added, you can use the iSunOne Global Visa Card for payments within Alipay.

Please note that, as the iSunOne Global Visa Card is a USD-based international prepaid card, when successfully linked with Alipay, transactions below CNY 200 will not incur transaction fees. Transactions exceeding CNY 200 will be subject to a 3% fee by Alipay.

-Alipay's international card usage limits are as follows:

Single transaction limit: CNY 3,000

Monthly transaction limit: CNY 50,000

Annual transaction limit: CNY 60,000

Alipay only provides domestic daily consumption services within mainland China, excluding overseas spending, financial management, or transfers.

-iSunOne Global Visa Card usage limits:

There are no consumption limits; you can spend as much as the balance on your card.

No monthly fees, annual fees, payment fees, with unlimited recharges.

Usable globally at any merchant or platform accepting Visa.

We believe that digital currency payments will undoubtedly shape the future, and iSunOne is committed to providing users with top-notch global payment services and future virtual banking account services.



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