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Notes on subscribing to ChatGPT Plus with iSunOne Global Visa Card

使用iSunOne全球Visa卡订阅ChatGPT Plus的注意事项

Why ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus offers a premium user experience, especially for developers, as it provides the necessary APIs and other hard requirements. In addition, its smoothness and various plugins for GPT-4 make it a powerful tool. However, the regional limitations of ChatGPT Plus also include regional limitations on payment methods. Even though your credit card can be billed through networks such as Visa, MasterCard, etc., the header of your card contains information about the region of this credit card, and the acquirer can still know which region your card was issued from. Therefore, you need to use a debit/credit card from a non-blocked region to make the payment.

ChatGPT Plus提供了一种优质的用户体验,特别是对于开发者来说,它提供了必要的API等硬需求。此外,它的流畅性和GPT-4的各种插件使其成为一种强大的工具。

Why the iSunOne Global Visa Card is a Good Choice

The iSunOne Global Visa Card is a prepaid card that can be charged unlimitedly with digital dollars USDT, USDC and up to $25,000 per charge. It has been tested without any limitations, whether it is to pay for ChatGPT Plus subscription or to shop directly on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Rakuten Market. In addition, since iSunOne is more familiar with the compliance process in the US, there is no need to worry about the deactivation of the card head in the near future.

How to Obtain USDT/USDC

The digital US dollars USDT, USDC are US dollar equivalent stable coins, which are widely used in international trade and cross-border e-commerce, and can be safely purchased at stable prices on large exchanges such as OKX, Binance and Coinbase, etc. iSunOne also provides the service of exchanging large amounts of digital US dollars from the issuer of digital US dollars, so if you have a need for large-value transactions, please contact the customer service directly:

For the safety of your personal information and trading address, it is recommended that you do not easily make OTC transactions or withdrawals with individuals. Bank transfers between non-institutions are extremely risky and may result in the freezing of your bank account.

OpenAI Registration Process


An overseas phone number is required for registration. You can find merchants that offer chatgpt phone verification by searching for keywords such as "sim card" "sms verification" "opt verification". Then, you need to make sure your VPN is set up in the same region as your calling card. Once you have registered, you no longer need the phone number to use it.

When using ChatGPT, please make sure that the IP address is fixed, and when you are using a proxy server, please be careful to use a static IP as well.

在使用ChatGPT时,请确保IP地址固定,当您使用代理服务器时,也请注意使用固定IP (static ip)。

Otherwise, it will show that you are being risked when you log in to detect it, don't try to force log in, as you risk being blocked.

If you are prompted with account anomaly/shutdown, you can try the following process: Log out of ChatGPT, close your browser, clear the browser history cache, and then set the VPN to a fixed IP and log back in. When using ChatGPT service, please don't switch the vpn line during the whole process, which is the same as using static IP.

Open iSunOne Global Visa Card

An iSunOne account is required to get your Global Visa Card.

Register here:


Feel free to use the referral code: OM22CH42

Or scan the QR code below to register directly:

扫描下方二维码直接注册iSunOne 账户

You need to go through kyc, which is a simple ID selfie that is approved in about 1 day.

For more instructions on KYC, see here

Once you have passed kyc, go to the wallet function and select "Add Coins" and transfer in your U, USDT, USDC. After paying the opening fee of 32U, you will get your card number and cvv, and then you can subscribe to OpenAI with them.


After successfully opening a card, the rebate for referring new users to open a card is up to 8 USD, and this money will be credited directly to your card.

ChatGPT Plus Subscription Process and Notes

Find here and select "My Plan";

订阅ChatGPT Plus
订阅ChatGPT Plus

On the subscription page, enter the card number, cvv, and expiration year and month of the iSunOne card. You can find the Billing address here

订阅ChatGPT Plus

It should be noted that when making a subscription, as the iSunOne Global Visa Card is a prepaid card, your card balance needs to be greater than the subscription fee in order to make the subscription successful. After successfully subscribed, please also keep track of the balance of your iSunOne Global Visa Card to ensure that your subscription status continues.

Good luck with your own AI!


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