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Buy Everything with iSunOne Global Visa Card: Tabao Overseas

The iSunOne Global Visa Card is a prepaid card that allows unlimited charging with digital dollars USDT and USDC, with each charge reaching up to $25,000. It has been verified that there are no restrictions when using this card for online shopping platform like Taobao Overseas.

Register with iSunOne and utilize USDT and USDC for flexible fund management. The iSunOne Global Visa Card also serves you with boundless spending possibilities, enhancing your shopping experiences.

As iSunOne Global Visa Card is a US Dollar based prepaid card, please select US Dollar if you can choose the payment currency when binding the payment. Take Taobao Overseas as an example:

1. Find binding foreign currency payments here;

2. Select International Payment,

choose USD as the currency,

and click "View My Assets" to bind the payment card;

3. Fill in the card number and other required information,

after filling in the card number you will be asked to fill in the billing address;

The billing address is sufficient as long as it conforms to the U.S. address format.

It's easy to make purchases on general e-commerce shopping platforms, but it's important to note that before paying your bill, make sure you have enough balance on your card for the purchase.



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