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USDT/USDC Stablecoins: A New Trend in Payroll Payments

USDT and USDC are stablecoins issued by centralized institutions and valued at 1:1 in relation to the U.S. dollar, providing a stable store of value and medium of exchange in the cryptocurrency markets. USDT and USDC have many applications in the cryptocurrency market, and their stability and ease of use make them the choice of many investors and international traders for a variety of trading and investment needs.

As the organization of productive collaboration changes, the fixed use of fiat currency for salary payments may no longer be the only option. For example, recognizing the plight of Afghan women, who are often forced to transfer their earnings to their father's or brother's accounts due to a lack of access to bank accounts, some companies are using cryptoassets such as Bitcoin and Digital Dollars to pay female laborers, including internet bloggers.

For certain service and retail industries, accepting cryptocurrency payments over traditional means of payment eliminates handling fees in banking system settlements. Back in 2015, retailer began offering employees the option of being paid in Bitcoin. Japan's GMO Group also offered its employees the option to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency after getting involved in Bitcoin mining.

CZ, CEO of Binance, pointed out that 90% of Binance's employees voluntarily choose to receive their paychecks in the form of digital dollars and coins. This practice has attracted the attention of Forbes analyst Joseph Young, who tweeted that with 90% of Binance's paychecks coming in the form of cryptocurrencies, digital currency companies and programs should build a case to encourage cryptocurrencies to move towards the end of payment and consumption, and to be widely used around the world. For employees, this form of payroll payment undoubtedly provides more choice, helps deepen their relationship with the company, and serves to motivate them.

The use of digital dollars for payroll is now not limited to the cryptocurrency industry. The global availability of the digital dollar and the ease of conversion to various national currencies has made it easier for multinational companies to handle the payroll of their multinational employees. All transfer information is recorded on the blockchain and is tamper-proof, making the use of cryptocurrencies for paychecks more secure than traditional methods. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, prices will stabilize. When the room for speculation compresses and stabilizes, using cryptocurrency to pay salaries may become the first choice for many enterprises, especially multinational companies.

, including but not limited to:

  • USDT/USDC payroll, employee motivation;

  • Loyal customer reward program;

  • Cross-border e-commerce operations, batch operation of product or traffic.

Based on your use needs, iSunOne will help you achieve more efficient and secure value exchanges than ever before, solving business pain points and allowing you and your team to share the convenience of USDT/USDC straight-through spending!

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