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How to Withdraw Digital Dollars to Bank Account?

Recently, crypto-friendly banks such as Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank have been experiencing a downturn, resulting in limited banking access for digital dollar issuers like Tether and Circle. This has caused a surge in compliance costs for the conversion between digital dollar USDT and USDC and fiat currencies, and new banking access remains out of reach. In this context, the iSunOne Global Card emerges as a more high-quality, stable, and secure digital currency payment tool.

The iSunOne global Visa card is a prepaid card that can be recharged unlimited times. Each recharge can be up to $50,000 US Dollar. You can continue to recharge and consume, enjoying the extreme convenience of spending USDT and USDC directly. We believe that digital currency payment will be an inevitable future trend, and iSunOne will always be committed to providing the best digital currency payment services to users.

In such an unstable digital currency payment environment, the iSunOne Global Visa Card is a more reliable and secure choice for users. We believe that digital currency payments are the future trend, and iSunOne is committed to providing users with the best digital currency payment services.

Sign up for iSunOne now and enjoy the benefits of the Global Visa Card! By choosing iSunOne, you will have access to a new payment method that is more stable, efficient, and convenient.

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