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What is iSunOne Global Card?

Recently, due to the successive closure of Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank, the banking channels of digital dollar issuers Tether and Circle have become inaccessible to individual users. Opening new banking channels requires a long KYC time, and the compliance cost of exchanging digital dollars USDT and USDC with fiat currency has skyrocketed. Despite an increasingly turbulent environment, iSunOne has launched a global Visa card, dedicated to creating a more efficient, stable and secure digital currency payment pathway.

The iSunOne global Visa card is extremely easy to use. You can directly recharge USDT and USDC to the card with one click and use it at all online merchants that accept Visa globally. You don't need to have any bank account or worry about the exchange cost between fiat currencies. With iSunOne global Visa card, you can apply and get approved the next day, recharge the card with one click, and consume globally. The iSunOne global Visa card can be used at all Visa online merchants and e-commerce platforms globally, such as ChatGPT, Amazon, Rakuten, Netflix, YouTube, Telegram, Taobao, Uber, Marriott,, Foodpanda, Surfshark etc., covering all aspects of your life.

The iSunOne global Visa card is a prepaid card that can be recharged unlimited times. Each recharge can be up to $25,000 US Dollar. You can continue to recharge and consume, enjoying the extreme convenience of spending USDT and USDC directly. We believe that digital currency payment will be an inevitable future trend, and iSunOne will always be committed to providing the best digital currency payment services to users.

Choosing iSunOne means choosing a new payment method, a more stable, efficient, and convenient payment method. Sign up an iSunOne account now, and enjoy the benefits of the global Visa card!


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