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How to release the risk control status when using iSunOne Global Visa Card in Alipay?

With the popularity of electronic payments, there are fewer and fewer people using cash for transactions. In mainland China, the vast majority of people use Alipay and other payment platforms to pay for their daily purchases or to transfer funds. In recent years, due to the frequency of online fraud and credit card theft, Alipay is continuously strengthening the wind control and combating efforts of online fraud. Generally, if there is any business or payment collection behavior in an Alipay account, a risk control alert may appear when you bind a new card or use a new card to make purchases.

No need to be nervous, this is a friendly reminder given by the payment platform for the safety of your funds. In order to protect your fund security and the smooth use of iSunOne Global Visa Card, please follow the steps below to release the risk control.

1. Find the Customer Service option on your Alipay personal page;

2. Select Online Customer Service;

3. Enter "人工(manual)" in the input box and send it, then choose to switch to manual customer service and communicate with manual customer service.


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