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Which is the better choice: Prepaid Card or Credit Card?

Prepaid cards are a payment instrument that differs from credit cards in that they do not usually require a credit history or bank account. Instead, the cardholder is required to deposit a certain amount of money on the card before using it to make purchases, and can then use the balance on the card to complete transactions. While the issuer typically limits the amount of a single charge to a prepaid card, the total charge is usually unlimited and does not incur interest charges or income. Cardholders can recharge and check their card balance whenever necessary in order to better control their spending behavior.

On the other hand, a credit card is a financial tool where a bank or financial institution provides a line of credit based on the cardholder's credit history and financial situation. Typically, having a credit card is preceded by having a bank account that can be used. Credit card holders can spend as much as they want within the credit limit for a certain period of time, which can make it easy for users to lose control and create problems such as overdraft and default. Cardholders are required to make payments on time and pay a certain amount of interest charges. Additionally, credit cards may charge annual fees or other fees, depending on the different credit card programs and policies.

While prepaid cards do not require a bank account and the cardholder has control over the balance on the card and has lower credit risk compared to credit cards, risks such as fraud and skimming still exist. In particular, spending at merchants that do not use security encryption technology or are not certified can result in the loss or leakage of funds and personal information. Therefore, cardholders still have the obligation to protect the security of their cards and comply with their transactions by regularly checking the balance of their cards, verifying their consumption records, and promptly contacting the card issuer for any abnormalities found. When using prepaid cards through mobile devices such as smartphones, the security of the card can be improved by setting multiple security verification methods such as passwords and fingerprints.

iSunOne also provides the Global Visa Card function, a prepaid card that can be recharged unlimited times. Each recharge can be up to $25,000 US Dollar. You can continue to recharge and consume, enjoying the extreme convenience of spending USDT and USDC directly. We believe that digital currency payment will be an inevitable future trend, and iSunOne will always be committed to providing the best digital currency payment services to users.


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