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How to Earn Referral Earnings with iSunOne Global Visa Card?

iSunOne brings you an exceptional opportunity to generate earnings, allowing both you and your friends to enjoy delightful benefits. Whether you're activating your own card or through your referrals, you can effortlessly earn real USD earnings. With just a few simple steps, you can not only relish superior financial services but also easily generate additional income.

🎉 How to Participate 🎉

Register and Enter Referral Code: During the registration process, you'll come across a dedicated field for the referral code – your first step in participating. If you've obtained a valid referral code from a friend or another source, congratulations! You're about to receive a surprising $2 USD in earnings.

You can also use the official iSunOne referral code OM22CH42 to register and activate a card, earning $2 USD,

Or, scan the QR code below to register and activate your card for earnings:

iSunOne 全球Visa卡 推薦碼,註冊開卡成功即得2美元獎賞。

Activate Card and Earn $2 USD: Once you successfully activate your card, we will promptly credit $2 USD into your Global Visa Card as a token of our gratitude for choosing iSunOne's services.

Share Your Referral Code: Log in to your account, visit the homepage, and click on settings. Here, you'll find your personallized referral code QR. You can directly save the generated QR code image and share it with friends and family. This QR code is pivotal for your referral campaign. Through it, your friends can effortlessly register, activate their card, and enjoy a $2 USD promotional benefit.


Unlimited Earnings of $8 USD: When your friends activate their cards using your referral code, not only do they receive $2 USD, but you also gain a more substantial reward of $8 USD! This earnings have no ceiling – you can earn $8 USD for every successfully activated referral. It's an unlimited opportunity, irrespective of how many friends you refer, resulting in extra income.

Your Global Visa Card will automatically receive the referral rewards. Managing and utilizing your earnings becomes effortless, allowing you to experience more fun at any time and anywhere.

If you've already started using the Global Visa Card, log in to your account now, locate your referral code QR, and share it with your friends and family. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, effortlessly earning income and sharing wonderful moments with your friends. Don't hesitate, take immediate action to win your unlimited rewards!



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