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Essential Tips for Safe Online Purchases with iSunOne Global Visa Card

1. Never share your card number and iSunOne account password with anyone. Here are some suggestions for protecting your card number and iSunOne account password:

  • Do not write your card number or password on a piece of paper or in a phone memo, to avoid being seen or stolen by others;

  • Do not store your card or password in your email or cloud storage, as they may be stolen by hackers;

  • Do not log into iSunOne or enter your card number in public places, such as cafes, libraries, or stores, when using public networks, as this may be stolen by hackers or other criminals;

  • When transacting online, ensure that your computer device has antivirus software and a firewall to protect against viruses and hacker attacks;

  • Use your iSunOne password exclusively for your iSunOne account. Make sure you also have a different password for the email registered to your iSunOne account. Make passwords that are hard to guess and use a password manager.

  • Regularly change your password, especially when you suspect that it may have been compromised.

2. Use your card number and password only on reliable and secure websites:

When using the Global Dollar Card for online consumption, make sure that the website you visit starts with https. The HTTPS protocol is a secure encryption protocol that protects communication between websites and users, ensuring that data is not stolen or tampered with by hackers and eavesdroppers during transmission. This is because HTTPS uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, which encrypts data and verifies the server's identity. When you access a website using the HTTPS protocol in your browser, your browser will display a small lock icon, indicating that the site is secure. This ensures that the personal and credit card information you enter is not intercepted or tampered with by hackers or other malicious users during transmission.

Additionally, when you use the Global Dollar Card for online transactions, some websites may save cookies on your computer. Cookies (also known as HTTP cookies, web cookies, or browser cookies) are small text files that are sent by a website to a user's browser and then stored on the user's computer when they visit the site. Subsequently, when the user visits the site again, the browser sends the cookie back to the site to help it understand the user's preferences and behavior and provide a better experience. Cookies are commonly used to store user login information, shopping cart contents, advertising preferences, and other information. Although most cookies are harmless, some may be used to track user activity and pose potential risks to user privacy. To ensure your privacy, you should regularly clear your browser cookies and cache.

3. Please log in to the iSunOne official website or app regularly and review your detailed transaction records to ensure that your assets have not been transferred or traded without authorization.

If you suspect that your Global Visa card has been misused, please notify iSunOne customer service immediately so that iSunOne can take necessary measures to protect your account in a timely manner.

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