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Why choose to advertise on X?

X Platform is a comprehensive social media and content publishing platform dedicated to connecting users, sharing information and providing a variety of digital services. Users can publish content such as text, pictures and videos, interact with friends and followers, and functions such as likes, comments and forwarding enhance interactivity. The platform helps users discover content and trends of interest through algorithm recommendations and topic tags, and provides multiple content streams to obtain the latest and most relevant information. X Platform has a large global user base covering multiple countries and regions, providing users and advertisers with extensive influence and interactivity.

X platform advertising is not only very friendly to the crypto industry, but also has many other advantages that make it an ideal choice for advertisers. Compared with Google ads and Meta, X platform is more tolerant of cryptocurrency investment and blockchain finance ads, making it easier for ads to be approved and displayed. At the same time, X's broad and active user base and strong communication capabilities make the conversion rate of X ads higher than other platforms, which can provide advertisers with higher advertising returns. It is worth mentioning that X platform supports payment using virtual cards, providing a convenient payment method, suitable for advertisers who need flexible payment solutions.

Why iSunOne Global Visa Card is a good choice

iSunOne Global Visa Card is a prepaid card that can use digital USDT, USDC for unlimited top-ups, and each top-up can be up to $25,000. After testing, there are no restrictions on paying X advertising fees, paying for X platform Premium/ChatGPT Plus subscription fees, and shopping on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Rakuten. In addition, since iSunOne is more familiar with the US compliance process, there is no need to worry about the card being deactivated in the short term.

How to use the ad serving function of Platform X?

1. First, you need to subscribe to X premium. Please see here for subscription information.

2. Find the advertising entrance here.

3. Choose the appropriate advertising method.

Simple Campaign
Simple Campaign
Advanced Campaign
Advanced Campaign

4. Customize your ad keywords, your audience and the areas where your ad will be placed.

With detailed audience targeting options, you can precisely target users interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain finance, increasing ad effectiveness and conversion rates.

5. Add a payment method.

iSunOne Global Visa Card users only need to fill in the corresponding card information.

6. Fill in your billing address.

iSunOne Global Visa Card users can find your billing address here:

Once you've added your payment method, select Run.

Whether you are promoting a new cryptocurrency project or promoting blockchain financial services, X Advertising Platform can provide you with efficient and flexible solutions to help you stand out in the fiercely competitive market. Subscribe to X Premium now to start your advertising journey and enjoy more exclusive privileges and advantages!


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