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What are the Risks of High-Frequency Small Remittances?

The flow of high-frequency small remittances from investment accounts to individual accounts is a concern, and they may monitor it for various reasons:

  • Preventing money laundering: High-frequency small remittances can be used for money laundering and other illegal activities. Therefore, such transactions need to be monitored and investigated to prevent such activities from happening.

  • Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations: Financial service providers are required to monitor and investigate accounts to ensure that the fund flows are legitimate and authentic under anti-money laundering regulations.

  • Preventing terrorist financing: High-frequency small remittances can also be used for terrorist financing activities. Hence, financial service providers need to monitor and investigate such transactions to prevent such activities from occurring.

  • Risk management: Financial service providers need to manage the risk of accounts to prevent unusual transactions and unclear fund flows to protect the safety of customers' funds.

If you make high-frequency and small remittances from your investment account to your personal account, it may attract the attention and monitoring. Therefore, it is recommended to provide relevant documents proving the legality and genuineness of the source of funds to avoid the account being frozen or other risks when making such transactions.

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